In 2013 two entrepreneurs came together in the pursuit of the perfect cup of coffee. Becoming tired of mainstream overly roasted and stale beans, and the usual watered down coffee; they took matters into their own hands in the pursuit of the best cup of coffee in Hong Kong. Now, nearly 4 years later, Elephant Grounds has grown into a small network of 5 cafes, with the occasional pop-up. Elephant grounds has grown and become the forefront of the coffee consumer movement, where consumers are migrating to quality, attention to detail and presentation followed by, distinction in taste and a unique experience when selecting their daily coffee. We consider ourselves as locally grown as we embody the spirit of ‘Made In Hong Kong’ throughout our brand. We hold this concept dear and this is translated into our quality of coffee, Attention to detail in our ice cream and ice cream sandwiches, distinction in taste with our handcrafted bread and a unique experience with the unique and modern design of each shop. In our pursuit of the perfect cup of coffee, our simple purpose and message are to give everyone the best cup of coffee with a smile. Our total operational footprint is approximately 20,000 square feet with outlets located in Sheung Wan, Causeway, Wanchai, Central and our newest location, Shatin!

What is the point of coffee when it isn’t delicious? We don’t see coffee as only a caffeine supplement, but we see it as something delicious that should be savored and enjoyed. To ensure you get the best cup of coffee every time, we take these meaningful processes to ensure that: we source, roast, taste and prepare coffee to draw out the natural characteristics of the beans. Our Baristas ‘Dial-in’ our coffees every morning adjusting the grind, modifying and altering the day’s brewing specification to optimize the espresso and to ensure the most delicious cup of coffee is served to each and every time.

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