Author: feral

This week’s ice cream sandwich drop is a collaboration of Elephant Grounds and Garrett Popcorn to give you ‘Caramel-CaramelCrisp®.

Burnt caramel ice cream, with one chocolate chip cookie and one chocolate, chocolate chip cookie; topped with Garrett Popcorn CaramelCrisp®

Catch this flavor at all 5 EG locations from 17 – 26 March!

Come by the White Christmas Street Fair at Starstreet Wan Chai from 24-26 November!

It’s getting LIT:

1. Hot Chocolate w. A Gigantic Torched Marshmallow
2. Gargantuan Nutella Cookie
3. Spiced Hot Apple Cider
4. Cinnamon & Sugar Churros

Come through, we here ’til we sell out!

Come check out our newest location- Elephant Grounds Causeway Bay!

Soft opening starting Saturday 24 October 2015, open every weekday from 11am to Late. Grab a coffee, ice cream sandwich, try our lunch, or just come kick it with the ‘Kool Kids’ at the hottest new cafe in Causeway Bay!

Shop C, G/F, 42-28, Paterson St., Fashion Walk